Photos: Harald Schiman, Mani Hausler

Bildmaschine 02, 2007

100 x 100 x 100 cm, Faller slot car system, LEDs, Styrodur, metal, spy glass

"Bildmaschine 02 is a cube that is exactly one cubic meter in size.  The object also bears the title "1m³ Kurve". The interior of the model, with its exact boundaries and defined size, has been explored in photos. It seems that if one entered the model's interior it would open, as if it could never fit into its outer walls. The photos portray unending rooms formed of multistoried curving constructions. The irritating incongruity between the photos and the model, caused by one-way mirrors, invites the viewer to contemplate space: its interior and exterior, its boundaries and limtlessness. "

Michaela Seiser, Model Spaces, in: Bildmaschine. Clemens Fürtler, ed. by Dieter Ronte and Elmar Zorn, Hohenems, 2009, p. 57


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co-author: Mani HAUSLER




co-author: Moritz FRIEDEL