Photos: Mani Hausler

Bildmaschine 03, 2008

210 x 60 x 100cm, Minitrix rail system, Minitrix locomotives, LEDs, metal, wood

"an andless 3-D loop, made only of double train tracks and necessary scaffolding, standing freely in an (enclosed) space. A masterpiece of geometry, a graphic-logical construction that is really navigable, contra-rotating ad infinitum. [...] it is a kinetic  shadow-throwing apparatus, with two moving mini-locomotives that are both equipped with [...] spotlights that shine in all directions. [...] [Clemens Fürtler] shows us that images that seem to move in real space can be created by means of shadow projections - merely with the intermediate step of a kinetic light installation. Indeed, we don't experience the apparitions flitting over the wall merely as flat, [...] but as ever-new sensations of (time and) space."

 Lucas Gehrmann, Shadow rooms Luzi-Fere. Clemens Fürtler's Bildmaschinen as tools of  polymorphous cinematographies, in: Bildmaschine. Clemens Fürtler, ed. by Dieter Ronte and Elmar Zorn, Hohenems, 2009, p. 27


Bildmaschine 03, Shadows, 2009, Camera: Michael Kaufmann, Editing: Kirk von Heflin


filmstills Shadows