Photos: Moritz Friedel

Bildmaschine 06, 2013

255 x 154 x 154 cm, Stabo Car slotcar system, metal, LEDs

"A grid-like, steel cube holds four interwined motorway loops, whose routes are as clear as they are complex. A little like that of a Möbius ribbon. The work is 255 cm high. The cars that chase each other on these tracks are moving on an endless one-way road. Fixed in a motion that is set in its constancy and knows no development. Here the moment stretches to eternity; motion and rest become confusingly similar. If the formula of the social philosopher Paul Virilio of the "racing standstill" as a diagnosis of our time were ever to become a valid image, then in Fürtler's work."

Michael Stoeber, The Painter as Artifex, in: Bildmaschine 06, ed. by Matthias Lenz, Regina Michel and ZF Kunststiftung, Friedrichshafen, 2013, p. 32.




co-author: Moritz FRIEDEL

Silk prints